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Course curriculum

Have you always wanted to do PMU and just need a little help to see if this is the career for you? Why try to figure out things on your own when we have done it already. We have 5 years in the game and serviced over 4000 clients.

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    Welcome to the PRE PMU GUIDE

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    The PRE PMU GUIDE: Is This Career REALLY for you?

    • Statistics of Permanent Makeup

    • Do You Have What it Takes?

    • Common Misconceptions

    • Things You Need To Consider BEFORE Investing In A Course

    • People You Need In Your Corner


    • Creating and Entry and Exit Plan

    • Are You Ready?

What's Included:

This course will ultimately help you decide if starting a career in Permanent Makeup is right for you. Learn from all the mistakes we made which will ultimately save you time and thousands of dollars!

  • The Forefront of Permanent Makeup

    Learn about the history and how permanent makeup has evolved over the years and where it is projected to be in the upcoming years.

  • Getting Your Business Started and How to Sustain It

    Get inside scoop regarding choosing a location, how much to expect for investing in your business, common misconceptions of the PMU industry. Do you ultimately have what it takes? Do you have a Entry and Exit Plan in place?

  • Having the Right People In Your Corner

    Getting onboarded with legal advisors and financial planning.....and much more!